One of the main problems in operations of “Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP is debtors for consumed electricity and heat power.

The total amount of delayed debts of consumers as of May 1, 2013 is KZT 1.116 billion.

Resolving problems with debtors includes a number of measures:

  • Informing the customer on presence of debt for electricity and/or heat power consumed;
  • Publication of list of debtor consumers in local mass media;
  • Placement of lists of debtor consumers on information boards at the place of their residence;
  • Sending written warnings to debtor consumers on necessity to urgently repay the debt;
  • Disconnection of electricity and heat power supply for individuals and legal entities having a debt, and court resolutions on those issues;
  • arrest and alienation of the property owned by debtors;
  • seizure of real estate (apartments, buildings) owned by debtors and selling that property via public trade.

At the initial stage of resolving problems with debtors the customer is informed of presence of debt. If non-payment by the debtor continues further the company sends written warnings with request to pay for power supply services. Lists of debtor consumers are published in mass media and placed to information boards at the place of residence

The further stage of resolving the problem with debtors is disconnection of electricity and heat power supply for debtor customers.

For debtor customers, not reacting to requests to repay a debt arrest of property is imposed by court enforcement officers in the frames of enforcement proceedings.     

The extreme measure of resolving a problem of debtors is seizure of real estate owned by debtor customers and selling it via public trade

“Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP turns to extreme measures if the debtor does not react for requests to pay for consumed services of electricity and/or heat power supply. The Company makes advances to customers and composes a schedule for payment by installments for customers facing financial difficulties.

In order to avoid the aforementioned measures “Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP proposes to all citizens of Pavlodar city and Pavlodar region to take immediate measures to repay debts for electricity and heat power consumed.