Investment program

Investment policy of the Company is aimed, first of all, at increasing the efficiency of own investments and at the expense of bringing in the external investors.

One of priorities of the Company for long-term and short-term periods is implementation of the investment program at enterprises of “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC by means of reconstruction and expansion of existing energy sources. This will allow increasing volumes of installed and available capacity of energy generating enterprises and decreasing volumes of energy consumption for own needs as well as volumes of harmful emissions.      

Investment program is implemented in two main directions: sustaining the existing equipment by reconstructing it and construction of new equipment for increasing the installed capacity of sources of generation. 

Investment program of “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC is designed until the year 2018. It’s main directions are:

  • Increasing generation by means of installing the hew modern equipment and reconstructing the existing one;
  • Modernizing fixed assets of transmitting organizations with a goal of decreasing losses when transporting electricity and heat power;
  • Projects, ensuring enhancement of environmental parameters of Company’s operations.

In accordance with the Law of the RK “On Electricity and Energy” the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies and “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC have concluded an agreement “On investment obligations”  for the year 2010 for the amount of KZT 5.4 billion, for the year 2011 for the amount of KZT 5.8 billion. The Company takes investment obligations with an aim of modernizing the technological park within frames of the Enactment of the Government “On approval of ceiling tariffs”. In general, between 2012 and 2018 “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC plans to make investments for the total amount of approximately KZT 96.04 billion.         

Upon results of implementation of investment program by 2018 it is assumed to decrease the depreciation of equipment at generating facilities of “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC by 35-40%. According to the investment program approved by the Company output of electricity as compared to 2009 will grow by 971.078 million kWt/h or by 25.7 %. Output of heat power will increase by 1181 thousand Gcal or by 25.8 %. Between 2009 and 2018 it is planned to increase the installed electric capacity by 268 MWt – from 562 MWt to 830 MWt, and of heat power capacity by 460 Gcal/h - from с1912 Gcal/h to 2372 Gcal.

Investments of 2009-2011 period

During the period of 2009-2011 the volume of investments directed by “PAVLODARENERGO” Company for implementation of measures stipulated by investment program and investment agreements with MINT of the RK amounted to KZT 18.5 billion, including KZT 15.1 billion to CHP-2 and CHP-3 of Pavlodar city, KZT 1.4 billion to "Pavlodar Regional Electric Distribution Company" JSC (Pavlodar REDC) and about KZT 2 billion to “Pavlodarskiye teplovyie seti” LLP (PTS).  

Investments are directed to:

  • New construction;
  • Reconstruction and modernization of existing objects;
  • Environmental measures;
  • Energy saving measures.
Measures undertaken for 2009-2011 period
  • In May 2009 the turbine # 1 at Ekibastuz CHP was put into operations. The Turbine is Р-12-3,4/0,5М and is designed for producing electricity with heat consumption with an installed electricity capacity of 12 MWt, which allowed using the energy produced for own needs of power plant, thus decreasing the volume of electricity purchased from outside.
  • For the period of 2009-2011 at CHP-2, CHP-3 and ECHP reconstruction of ash precipitating devices (APD) was performed with installing battery emulsifiers of second generation. At CHP-2 APDs are installed on three boiler compounds (# 2,4,5) and CHP-3 – at four boiler compounds (# 3,4,5,6) and at ECHP – at three boilers (#7,8,9). The measures implemented allowed lowering volumes of emissions into environment, increasing the degree of filtration, and, as a consequence, gave and opportunity to cut costs. Efficiency of filtration according to reporting data for the year 2009 amounted in average to 97.6%. After assembling battery emulsifiers at all boiler compounds efficiency of filtration will amount to 99.4%.
  • In 2011 commissioning works were completed on boiler compound # 1 of CHP-3, with a productivity of 420 tons per hour, which gave the opportunity to work during the winter period in a five boiler mode, with one boiler compound in reserve.
  • In 2011 turbine compound # 1 at CHP-3 was pout into operations. Launching this turbine into operations increased the installed capacity by 65 MWt.
  • Project design and construction of the second turn of ash ponds at all three power plants (CHP-2, CHP-3, ECHP). Implementation of this project is dictated by limited working resources of existing ash ponds (exhaustion of filling capacity) and also by requirements of current environmental protection legislation .
  • In “Pavlodar REDC” JSC investments were forwarded to implementation of the following measures: program of energy saving in electric grids, reconstruction, modernization and technical re-equipment of grids, creation of ASCME and of systems of retrieval and transmission and other measures.
Measures at Pavlodar CHP-2, CHP-3, Ekibastuz CHP for the period of 2012-2018

At CHP-3

  • Modernization of turbine # 2
  • Construction of a smoke-pipe # 2
  • Assembling of boiler # 7
  • Assembling of turbines # 7,8
  • Reconstruction (with replacement of HPC) of turbines of Т-100/120-130 kind, # 4, 5, 6;

At CHP-2

  • Replacement of turbine ПР-25-90/13 by a modernized one - ПР-30-90/13;


  • Assembling of turbine # 2 of ПТ-30 type
  • Assembling of cooling tower of 600 m2.
Projects of “Pavlodar REDC” JSC

“Pavlodar REDC” JSC undertakes works on lowering the over-normative losses, for which a plan of “Investment program of reconstruction, modernization, technical re-equipment and development of “Pavlodar REDC” JSC for the mid-term period of 2010-2013” was developed. As a result of planned measures being implemented the percentage of over-normative losses is decreasing: from 6.3 % in 2005 to 1.5 % in 2011.    

Another direction of the investment program of “Pavlodar REDC” JSC is implementation of Automated System of Control and Metering of Energy  (ASCME). The first turn of ASCME system was put into operations in “Pavlodar REDC” JSC in December 2009. As a result of this 4 sub-stations were connected to ASCME system.  

Implementation of next turns of ASCME system in 2012-2013 stipulates connection of 10 sub-stations to it. Throughout “Pavlodar REDC” JSC in 2012-2013 it is planned to continue the measures the goal and objective of which is stabilizing the power supply for consumers and creation of long-term conditions for development of energy complex of the region

Projects of “PTS” LLP

“Pavlodarskiye teplovyie seti” LLP undertook the following projects within frames of the investment program. Upon results of 2011 reconstruction of heating grids of Pavlodar city with a length of 4.5 km was accomplished for the total amount of KZT 1.448 billion.   

Thus, implementation of measures of reconstruction, planned for the year 2011 allowed enhancing the hydraulic regimes in the Northern part of Pavlodar city. Besides, after reconstruction the carrying capacity of main pipe lines allows expanding the service zone of CHP-2 and 3 of “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC.

“PTS” JSC undertook works on implementation of Automated System of Control and Metering of Heat Energy (ASCMH). In 2012-2013 the enterprise will continue the work on implementing this system, which will allow increasing the degree of savings of heat power, and in general – enhancing the quality of heat supply for population.  

The following should be noted as the most significant measures within frames of the investment program: 

  • Reconstruction of main heating grids with using the pre-isolated pipeline;
  • Replacement of heat insulating constructions of pipelines (mineral-cotton mats and polyurethane foam shells);
  • Modernization and automation of technological processes of central heating stations and heating sub-stations with installation of metering devices, dispatching system, an installation of control equipment (acquiring the thermal viewer, defect detector and other equipment).    

“PTS” JSC during the period of 2012-2018 plans to continue measures of decreasing the over-normative losses when transmitting heat power, increasing efficiency of work of the enterprise and, consequently, creating comfortable living conditions for customers.