Albina Akhmetova

Deputy General Director on Economic and Finance of PAVLODARENERGO JSC

Albina Akhmetova was born on May 11, 1974, in Vyksa town of Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia.

From 1991 to 1993, she was studying at Pavlodar vocational school #15 in specialty Seller and Merchant with a knowledge of accounting. From 2000 to 2004, she graduated from Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics majoring in Accounting and Audit. In 2018, Albina Yuryevna has completed the MBA in Finance program, which she studied at Russian Presidential Academy of national Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.   

Starting from 1993, she worked as an accountant at the enterprises of Pavlodar region. In 1999, she started her professional carrier with PAVLODARENERGO JSC as an accountant at Pavlodar CHP-3; from 1999 to 2002, she worked at Teplovyie Seti LLP and Pavlodarteploenergo LLP.  

In 2004, Albina Akhmetova was appointed Deputy Chief Accountant of PAVLODARENERGO JSC. From 2008 to 2014, she worked as Chief Accountant of Pavlodar Heat Networks LLP. Starting from 2014, she worked as Deputy General Director on Economic and Finance of Pavlodar Heat Networks LLP.

In October 2018, Albina Akhmetova was appointed Deputy General Director on Economic and Finance of PAVLODARENERGO JSC.

Albina Akhmetova is a member of the Union of accountants and accounting organizations of Kazakhstan. She is married and has three children.  

Igor Grinyov


Igor Grinyov was born January 13, 1965, in the city of Pavlodar.

In 1989 he graduated from the Pavlodar Industrial Institute majoring in Electrical Power Plants.

At the same time he started his career as an auxiliary operator (an inspection engineer) at Pavlodar CHP-3.

In 1993, he was transferred to a position of a shiftman of the turbine shop. Two years after, he became a station shiftman at CHP-3.

In 2004, Igor Grinyov was appointed Senior shift supervisor at the station.

In 2007, he was an assistant to the Deputy Chairman on Productions, then he became the Chief Engineer of CHP-3 and later – CHP-2.

In 2011, he was promoted to Director of CHP-2.

A year after, in 2012, he was transferred to a position of Director of CHP-3 till present.

Andrei Zenkov


Andrei Valentinovich Zenkov was born on May 4, 1972, in the city of Pavlodar. In 1991, he graduated from Pavlodar technical college of railway transportation majoring in Automatic Control Engineering and Telemetry Control in Railway transportation (as an electrical technician).

In the same year of 1991, he started his carrier as an electrician at a high-voltage workshop section of the electric shop of Pavlodar Tractor Works. From 1995 to 2000, he worked as a shift foreman at the electric shop of that Works.  

In 2000, he continued his labour activity as a shift supervisor at the electric shop of Pavlodar CHP-2 LLP.     

From March 2001 to January 2002, he was working as a station shift supervisor at the electric shop of PAVLODARTEPLOENERGO LLP.

In February 2002, he was appointed a shift supervisor of electric shop no.5/2 at CHP-2. Starting from 2003, he became a station shift supervisor at CHP-2.  

At the same time, in September 2004, Andrei Valentinovich Zenkov entered Innovative University of Eurasia in Pavlodar with majors in electric power engineering, which he successfully graduated from in 2008 being qualified as Bachelor of Electric Power Engineering.

As he continued his labour activity at Pavlodar CHP-2 of PAVLODAREBERGO JSC, in May 2008, Andrei Valentinovich assumed a position  of the Deputy Chief Engineer of CHP-2. In December 2012, he was appointed the chief engineer of CHP-2.    

In October 2018, Andrei Valentinovich Zenkov was transferred to the position of the Chief Engineer of CHP-3 of PAVLODARENERGO JSC.

On April 1, 2021, Andrei Valentinovich Zenkov was appointed Director of CHP-2, where he continues working at present time.

In December 2017, Andrei Valentinovich Zenkov was awarded with the title of Honoured Energy Worker, the Kazakhstan Electricity Association, for his substantial contribution to the development of the system of PAVLODARENERGO JSC.

Marat Imanaev

General Director of “Pavlodarskiye Teplovyie Seti” LLP

Marat Imanaev was born May 22, 1969 in Temirtau. He graduated from Toraigyrov Pavlodar State University majoring in Electric Power Engineering and has higher technical education degree. He started his career in 1984 as a pipe-laying worker of the 3rd category at Zemdorstroy Construction Department of Metallurgzhilstroy trust. In 1998, he was appointed Deputy General Director on Commerce of “CCL-Energo Company” LLP. In 2000, he occupied a position of General Director of “Teplocenter-Severniy” LLP. In 2002, he became President of “Energocenter” JSC, and in 2005 – President of “Pavlodarenergoservice” JSC. In 2007, he was Director of “Ekibastuz Heat Networks” LLP. In February 2008, he assumed office of President of “KOKSHE” JSC. During the period from 2010 till June 2015 He worked as Director of Technical and Economic Complex Operation Department of “Kazakhmys” Corporation. In June 2015, Marat Imanaev was appointed General Director of “Pavlodarskiye Teplovyie Seti” LLP.       

Talgat Arginov

General Director of Pavlodarenergosbyt, LLP

Talgat Arginov was born on November 12, 1963 in Suvorovo village of Irtysh district of Pavlodar region.

Has two higher educations – technical and economical ones. In 1985 graduated from Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute with a specialization in "Automation of heating power processes". In 2005 graduated from Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov with a major in "Enterprise economics and management". 

Has started his working activity in 1985 at CHP-3 as the head of shift of boiler shop floor. Also worked in the turbine shop floor and ion capital constructions unit. Worked his way from machinist to executive, knowing the work of complex energy industry from the inside.

Since 2000 – head of sales unit of "Pavlodar CHP-3 energy company" LLP, then – a head of the sales unit of "Pavlodarenergo" OJSC, since 2008 – deputy Chairman on commerce and sales of "PAVLODARENERGO" JSC. April 2009 – 2011 President of "Energocenter" JSC, since 2011 is a General Director of "Pavlodarenergosbyt" LLP.

T. Arginov as awarded with "20 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" anniversary medal, with Honorary Certificate of Electric-Power Council of Commonwealth of Independent States, with an Honorary certificate of Pavlodar city mayor. 

T. Arginov was awarded Jubilee Medal "20 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan", a Certificate of Merit of the CIS Electric Power Council, and a Certificate of Merit from Akim of Pavlodar city.  

In 2013, T.G. Agrinov was awarded a lapel pin “Distinguished Energy Sector Professional of the CIS” for his achievements in developing the electrical power industry of the CIS countries. In the same year he was awarded the title Distinguished Energy Sector Professional of Kazakhstan Electrical Power Association.

Pavel Melnichuk

General Director of Ekibastuzteploenergo LLP

Pavel Melnichuk was born on December 9, 1972, in Temirtau, Karaganda region. In 1995, he graduated from Karaganda Metallurgical Institute majoring in Industrial thermal Power Engineering and qualified as an industrial heat power engineer. 

In 1994, Pavel Anatolyevich started his carrier at Karaganda CHP-2 working as an apprentice engineer-inspector for turbine equipment. In 1995, he was hired as a recent graduate by the assignment of the management of Karaganda Metallurgical Institute and was appointed an engineer-inspector for turbine equipment at Karaganda GRES-1 power plant. A short time later, starting from July 1995, Pavel Anatolyevich was working as a steam turbine engine driver of the turbine shop at Heat Power Plant and Turbo Blower Station of Karaganda Metallurgical Complex. In 1998, he was appointed the acting turbine service shift supervisor at ISPAT-KARMET JSC in Temirtau; in 1999, his appointment as the turbine service shift supervisor was confirmed. In 2007, Pavel Melnichuk was appointed deputy turbine shop supervisor at Heat Power Plant and Turbo Blower Station of MITTAL STEEL TEMIRTAU JSC. Starting from 2012, he was working as Chief engineer at Heat Power Plant and Turbo Blower Station of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC.     

On January 14, 2019, Pavel Anatolyevich was hired as Deputy General Director on Productions – Chief Engineer of Elibastuzteploenergo LLP.

On March 2, 2021, based on the decision of the Board of Directors of PAVLODARENERGO JSC, Pavel Melnichuk was appointed acting General Director of Ekibastuzteploenergo LLP.

He is married and has two children.

Victor Weber

Director of Ekibastuz CHP

Victor Weber was born on March 17, 1963, in Novo-Pokrovka village of Kulundnsky Dictrict in Altai Krai, Russia.

In 1985, he graduated from Polzunov Altai Polytechnical Institute majoring in Steam Generator Construction (a qualified mechanical engineer). Right after graduation he started his career as a machinery repairman in the boiler shop of heat power plants of “Ekibastuzenergoremont” enterprise. Several months after he was transferred to a position of a maintenance foreman of boiler shops of “Ekibastuzenergoremont” enterprise.

In 1995, he was appointed Deputy Chief Engineer of “Ekibastuz CHP” LLP of “Ekibastuzenergo” production and operating association.

In 1999, he was appointed Chief Engineer of “Ekibastuz CHP” LLP.

Since May 2007 till present he has been working as Director of Ekibastuz CHP of “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC.

In 2006, Victor Weber was awarded a lapel pin “Labor Glory” of the 3rd degree by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2011, he was awarded a Certificate of Merit by Akim of Pavlodar region, and in 2012 – Medal “The 75th Anniversary of Pavlodar region”.