Pavlodarenergosbyt LLP

“Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP is power supplying company, ensuring delivery of electricity and heat power to customers of Pavlodar region, Ekibastuz and Pavlodar cities. “Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP was founded and operates since August 20, 2004, when shares of “Energocenter” JSC were acquired by "PAVLODARENERGO” JSC. In December 2011 “Energocenter”, JSC was reorganized by means of transforming and re-titling as “Pavlodarenrgosbyt” LLP.

Main goal of “Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP is observing interests of customers and providing a range of high-quality services, related to power supply.

The Company delivers:

  • electricity and heat power in Pavlodar city;
  • electricity and heat power I districts of Pavlodar region and in Aksu city;
  • heat power in Ekibastuz.

Total number of customers of “Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP as of 01.03.2013 amounted to 265 351  people.

With the purpose of implementation of energy saving program “Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP in the frame of current legislation of the RK applies differentiated tariffs for electricity depending on volumes of consumption for individuals and differentiated tariffs for electricity by time of the day for all categories of customers.

“Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP implements the policy of increasing the quality of customer service with high technologies use. For convenience of consumers the Company set up systems of payment through second tier banks, ATM machines and payment terminals.

Requisites of “Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP

BIN 990140002737TRN 451800068400

IIC KZ509420222030000018 Branch unit of “Eximbank Kazakhstan” JSC in Pavlodar city


Tel.: +7(7182) 399-524