Customer Relations Office

At the web-site of “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC a “Customer Relations Office” started its work, being a unique internal control body for the Company, and designated to develop partner relations with consumers of Company’s services. New body will pay its main attention to three directions of interaction that, as practice shows, cause a specific interestedness of citizens. First of all, complaints and requests of customers on problems of connection to distribution electricity networks will be considered. Another side of customer relations is reliability and quality of electricity and heat power supply. Thirdly, requests of clients in regards of customer service quality, related to conclusion and implementation of contracts for electricity supply, sale and purchase contracts and to work with metering devices, will undergo a detailed studying.

Regional Customer Relations Office shall execute control over working with customer complaints throughout Pavlodar region (except Ekibastuz city an Ekibastiz district). Work of regional office on control over organizing the customer claims consideration  is being done in a permanent mode.

ATTENTION! Should the request contain obscene wording, insults and other information, forbidden for publication in open sources according to legislation of the RK, he message will not be published.

All written requests should be clearly formulated and relevant to operations of the Company and its subsidiaries.

Messages have to be written only in Russian or Kazakh, in Cyrillic – messages written in Latin will not be considered. Stylistics and punctuation of the request shall be kept and shall not be corrected by the moderator.

Period of providing an answer to the request of the customer shall not exceed one month from the moment of receiving the request, except separate cases, requiring a detailed study of the issue; in any case a visitor leaving the request shall be informed via e-mail message on the status of request and on publication of an answer to it on web-site.

Any reproduction (copying) of the Company’s answers to customers requests in mass media and in Internet resources without a written permission of administration of the web-site is prohibited. Violators will be persecuted in court.

We recommend you to get acquainted with Questions-Answers section before asking questions.