She could be paroled next year. As the case prosecutor Robert Daskas said, Beaten, drugged, tasered, injected, strangled and burned. Melissa Ann James was born in March 1977 in New Jersey. Kelly, then 35, pleaded guilty to arson and entered an Alford plea to battery with a deadly weapon. Titus held his own catalog of titles, including IronMan and Mr. Olympia. Things of course went well in the beginning with the three getting along pretty good. He defeated Elijah Bruke. Kelly had been in the process of training to be a Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader when she saw a womens fitness competition on TV and became enamored by the bodybuilders. IFBB bodybuilder Craig Titus and IFBB Fitness Competitor Kelly Ryan were once on top of the world. Anthony was also caught on video purchasing a small amount of gasoline in a gas can. They can also be: Lichen nitidus usually doesnt cause any other symptoms, though the papules may itch sometimes. Likewise, In the meantime, Trus is also parenting his biological kids with his ex-lover, whom he divorced. August 23, 2008. Did Kelly do it? The authorities believed that Melissa and Kelly had been in a fight that ended with the formers death. "He'd asked me to help expose the wrongdoings of these people that were trying to testify against him, but never to have them harmed in any way," said Brady. An autopsy on the body of Melissa James showed that she had toxic levels of morphine in her body, wire around her neck, duct tape over her face, and marks that could have possibly appeared from a stun gun used on her. I still prefer the 80's though. Now the two have been Lichen nitidus can appear anywhere on your body, but the most common locations are the: In rare instances, it can spread to cover much of the body. As we all know, Tyrus is a parent of her lovely daughter and his gorgeous wife, Ingrid Ranch. Furthermore, another friend of Craigs said that Craig talked about seeing a girl flop after being hit by a Taser gun. Bro I ain't no little man bro. O'Kelley says after enduring 50,000 volts of electricity, tiny Melissa had to fight off Craig Titus -- 242 pounds of pure muscle -- in a violent rage. Kelly Ryan cut a plea deal for arson and assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Link your TV provider to stream full episodes and live TV. Craig said, My wifes on the ground with Taser darts in her leg. He is also famous for The Greg Gutfeld Show. Organize, control, distribute and measure all of your digital content. Defense attorney Michael V. Cristalli told Snapped, Craig Titus liked to go around and be with other women, and I think there was kind of a triangle between Melissa, Kelly, and Craig.. It's simple.don't act like a ****bird in jail.and don't go to jail period.a cell extraction is a common thing when dealing with unruly prisoners and this one was pretty gentle compared to some that I've seen. whether their appearance has changed over time, whether any soaps or lotions seem to irritate the affected area, whether you have a family history of eczema. Tasers also leave behind taser dots, which are tiny dots of foil marked with the taser cartridge serial number. KVS and SoftRight customers now have the ability to upgrade to Springbrooks new Cirrus cloud platform: It speaks volumes also that the production is better here, lighting and focus of camera. Melissa then started working on Craig and Kellys latest business venture: opening a fitness apparel store. Ok, now we go to the very wierd part. Like powdered cocaine, crack creates a strong sense of exhilaration. Kelly and Craig wanted to make sure that their income kept up with their lifestyle, so they looked for new businesses in which they could invest. Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan were two stars who sparkled on the Las Vegas Strip. She had watched the first two seasons but then stopped because she was too busy to get locked into a series. According to Kellys friend, Megan Foley, the couples marriage was struggling, with Melissas move to their home causing a lot of friction. Its an interesting question. Ron Brady, speaking here for the very first time, confesses he wanted to help Craig beat the murder wrap. 8 alecmarshall215 6 yr. ago Got that Craig Titus look huge and fucking freaky 37 Darses 6 yr. ago 12 PovertyMeal 6 yr. ago In a letter to me, Craig writes, "I signed a deal I never should've signed.". She quickly got caught up in the party lifestyle and started going out to Vegas on a regular basis, usually working as Kelly and Craigs assistant. If he could actually stick to his diet and diet down to 8-10%, he would look pretty good. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Murder Among Friends: Muscle Bound delves into how Melissa James was killed by her high-profile friends and once-couple, Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan. At about the same time, not far away, video inside a Walmart shows Kelly using her credit card to buy seven bottles of lighter fluid. Kelly was sentenced to 6 to 26 years in prison after being convicted of battery with a deadly weapon and arson, according to Muscle Magazine Fitness. Craig then handed them a mysterious duffel bag. As of now, Tyus is cherishing his life, wife & kids. Born February 21, 1973, as of now, Tyrus is in his late fourties. DOI: Mayo Clinic Staff. He helps Kelly load the lighter fluid in the back seat because, detectives say, Melissa's body was already in the trunk. He has not spoken on television since his conviction, until now. Titus lived most of his early life in Riverview, near Detroit. He has a younger brother, Kevin, and a younger sister, Nicole. Titus played high school football but quit because he was too small. She was a gymnast and studied under a legendary coach named Bela Karoli. Fact is, there are probably very few people who truly understand fat loss better than Tom does. As of now, Tyus is cherishing his life, wife & kids. Bodybuilder Craig Titus poses during the 2004 Arnold O'Kelley. Currently 57 and weighing 184lbs. Police headed to Kellys home, and they were surprised when she answered the door. Craig's proven himself to be a hot head and a flight risk, I guess they're teaching him his lesson now. Craig booked Melissa a flight home for Christmas. no matter what the situation was, i'm shocked it was video taped and put on you-tube!!!! She told her mom she was done with Vegas and was leaving Sin City for good. Fitness Olympia, Fitness International, and nearly a dozen other competitive titles. The emotions showed by Titus and Ryan during the trial might have been convincing enough to lessen their jail time, however, they werent exactly aided by the fact that Ronald Brady Jr. was in court around the same time for a murder-for-hire plot tied to the Titus-Ryan case. He was eventually sentenced to 21 to 55 years behind bars. O'Kelley says in their mad dash to escape, Anthony Gross left a key piece of evidence behind. "It isn?t pollution that?s harming the environment. She told investigators she had been planning on calling the police to report that her car had been stolen. when the Romans infamously burned the Temple in Jerusalem. Despite the heaps of evidence, Melissa could have ultimately died from a drug overdose such as her toxicology report suggested. A fireball cracks the pitch-black night in the desert just outside of Las Vegas. Anthony Gross, one of Craigs friends, was seen close to the crime scene and was connected to a flashlight found by the burning vehicle. Craig had a hair trigger temper, he was vocal, and he took trash-talk to whole new levels. Terrified of what they had heard, the couple left Craig and Kellys house shortly after. To know more about Wrestlers, subscribe to Married Celeb!!! Grovers disease is a rare skin condition that causes itchy, red spots on older men. He was hard, but had nothing left besides his arms and shoulders. The detectives tentatively identified the body as female. While Craig tried to build an alibi, Kelly told Megan that a fight had broken out between her and Melissa. But by the end of that year, the 28-year-olds dreams were shattered. Press J to jump to the feed. Investigation Discoverys Murder Among Friends: Muscle Bound delves into how Melissa James was killed by her high-profile friends and once-couple, Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan. The most reliable way to remove a cyst is to have your doctor do it. There was a bathrobe tie and a wire around her neck, suggesting strangulation. Crime Watch Daily could not reach Kelly Ryan or her attorney to confirm the claims she was home alone with Melissa James when she died. Then, the truck driver saw flames in the distant desert and called in the fire. The license plate is registered to famous bodybuilder Kelly Ryan. On December 19, Anthony came to the station with his attorney. He is active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Theyll examine the sample using a microscope. Deputy District Attorney Robert Daskas told Snapped, Craig in particular claimed that he couldnt have a dead body, an overdose associated with his celebrity status it would ruin his career and so he claims he made the decision to get rid of Melissa, the car and make this look like something other than it was.. if you're talking about his current physique, then I really doubt that. "It was a clean flashlight sitting on the side of the road near the Jag located here. You're messing with a guy who's been with pro bodybuilders. WARNING: DISTURBING VIDEO - Craig Titus in jail,, Powerlifting Workouts - Training Journals, Post Your Pictures and Introduce Yourself. Victim beaten, drugged, tasered, injected, strangled and burned. Craig told them that they had thrown Melissa out after discovering she had been stealing and using drugs, and he even showed them the bloody needles in her room. He has an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Tyrus (George Murdoch) Salary & Net Worth. Our team thoroughly researches and evaluates the recommendations we make on our site. Kelly Ryan opens the door, alive and well. They look so terrible now compared to this. Fort minor: In the photo, we can see, Tyrus's wife, Ingrid Rinck wearing a beautiful diamond wedding ring on her right-hand finger. Talking to Oxygens Snapped, Kellys friend Mandy Polk said:She was good at everything, she was always the captain of the team, she did a lot of the choreography for the team, so she was always very athletic.. Here is Craig Titus, one of his heroes, now pleading for his help. Kelly Ryan is known to the fitness world as "Flyin' Ryan," at one time holding the Ms. WebBrowse 67 craig titus stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Titus took the forefront when he began saying that hed made bad decisions and never wished any harm on Melissa and wanted to talk to her mother, Maura James, to explain what had really happened. nezahal, primal tide ruling, evaporative crystallization examples,