Here sit next to me, we can share a blanket! But the minute you saw him, your legs started to shake and you forgot everything.Whats wrong, babygirl/boy? He asked, rubbing your cheek. " hahahah ". your lucky Im tired if not I will still be walking around. Then hed force feed you Korean knowledge, then yall would just watch a movie at the end of it all. In this case, though, you haven't yet decided on a new course of action. Or both if you would like. Jaemin's Reaction: Protecting His S/O; Jaemin's Reaction: His S/O Has A Bad Day; Yangyang. I got Mindblown like every stage! This is complete fiction, my imagination. He could any hybrid [Puppy, squirrel, etc]. Im so sorry it took so long! As last time, this isn't a "unpopular opinion" thread, and keep it civil. I would NEVER!You literally just stuttered, dont lie to me! Taeil gripped Yoon Ohs shoulders. (They can see A LOT OF TIDDY) would love this for BTS as well if you can " A/N: writing for bts first since I have to kinda back into writing for got7. Tell me who you want to RP with, Changbin or Jisung. 15. When he asked Johnny, all he said wasyou must be paranoid. I think its perfect. He smiled turning you around to kiss you. Have you watch kingdom? *pants*. She doesnt even look like she is wearing shorts. he looks a lot like you. Yoon bluntly said to Taeil, making the older one snap his head over in confusion. Johnny:Instead of confronting you, he just confronted Mark. You being scared of him to the point of hiding broke his heart to pieces. Didnt want to think you would ever cheat on him, but what else reason would there be that his daughter looks like she could be Marks? "and you're the only one i want to kiss" you peck his cheek . I literally just wrote it because I kind of forgot about it But anyways thank you for liking for writing . This is also not proof-read. NOO WHAT EVER DO YOU MEAN! It could be a really long reply or a decently short reply. Measuring in at 6, she's had more than her fair share of jibes and unk How humorous. So you got ready, putting the best clothes you could find and walk down the stairs. Their highly-anticipated, 1.7 million-seller first studio album, Hot Sauce, is out today (May 10). I mean, who wouldnt. Now you want to talk? Its hard for me to even vote because when I watch their stages Im like shit now who the hell do I vote for. You dont want the guys staring at you weirdly, right? Mine: I wasted too much money on a Red Velvet show.. Yandere!NCT 127 | Finding Their S/O Hiding From Them. After a while, he would explain to you that you didnt need to be scared of him, that he would always protect you until death. I love you baby., Jeongin (I.N):Honestly, when he scolded you for some of the first times, he thought you were trying to get out of it by making him feel guilty.He then started to realize that you actually were just really sensitive. Chenle. Im sorry. Youre too fucking adorable, oh my god. nct dream, you and mark were at a karaoke place. -You want to ask me questions through Inbox? Mark enjoyed talking to you and would laugh A LOT with you and English puns. Out for the night. So he would probably call up Johnny, Mark, or Jaehyun to help him translate, and give you Korean lessons. Plus you are very ridiculous you had to put that in, your comment made Hongjoong smile a bit before walking towards you. Im actually kinda offended youd even think that.. He added, making Jaehyun calm down. Not that he would ever in a million years admit to that. he starts to go quiet. Then he would go upstairs and grab a penguin onesie from the closet, thinking of an idea.ANYONE WHO DRESSES UP IN A ONESIE FROM THE CLOSET IN THE HALL GETS EXTRA FOOD, *whispers* and cuddles~, SiCheng (WinWin): He would smirk and go to back hug you, pecking your neck lightly. You manage to pull both sides of the jeans together so that the button and the hole line up. Where are you going? He asked, making you widen your eyes. Like age, personality, et cetera! Kun stood at the door way watching as you hoped in a car full of already drunk girls. He wouldnt miss a second of your little English lessons, just like you wouldnt miss his Korean or Chinese lessons. And you never handled stress all to well. Out for the night. but every single challenge those groups get they always deliver!! I'm so sorry. Dont they have like the same features!? But after he calmed down a bit, hed sit next to you and try to understand why you hid. Your tanktop was basically see-through and the members staring at you didnt help his case. If Omega, you/your OC has to be a Beta or Alpha. Baby baby! You nod a bit well change if its out of your zone of comfort but you like it you smile but he drops his. Please never do that again. Im sooooo freakin impressed with the stage! Minho examined you, going over and taking your chin into his hand. He felt horrible for even thinking that you were cheating in any way. I just feel like he would stare at you. He didnt want you ever to leave him, the thought of it just killed him. BABYYY! He dolphin-laughed, running over to you and knocking you over. Hiiii no its okay! Obedient Jisung (Sexually or/and Romantically), Bratty Jisung (Sexually or/and Romantically), Hybrid Jisung (Omegaverse. yourself. Your finally back? The lights switch on, squinting your eyes at the sudden brightness you make out Hongjoongs figure in the door way. Mark: Another fluent English speaker, since he grew up in Canada. Doyoung:His daughter looked like Sicheng, in his eyes anyways. If you protested, he would roll you up in a blanket like a burrito then roll you down the stairs.You will stay as a baby burrito since you dont wanna listen and just put on one of my ts., Renjun: He would walk in a little late to practice, only to be surprised to see you there. This is complete fiction, my imagination. What are you doing? You laugh not understanding why. You dont need to. STOP NO NO, NO ONE STARE! Except hed feed you, bathe you, and everything he normally would. 10? Go GO~!, Chittaphon (Ten): He would be teaching the dance to his members, helping them get it right when you walked in. You were perfect, and in all reality, he would probably just brag and show you off.Ohh, my (Y/N) is soooo beautiful, Im so lucky to have them! The argument was petty on his behalf. There was no denying that he was more than a little flustered by the little clothing you wearing and your dancing. Shop online for tees, tops, hoodies, dresses, hats, leggings, and more. Show. He decided to be brave and immediately ask you about it.Hey, do you ever realize how much (S/N) looks like Yoon Oh?I meanNot really? We are watching a movie, come watch with us! by Hana000000888899999. He still wanted to talk about the argument, despite this, originally planning to sit you down and calmly speak with you. couldn't believe his eyes. Im sorry okay., Hiii! "Hi.". Yea, he wasnt magnificent at it, but he tried all he could to learn, and that made you proud and happy. He glared at his members, which made them quickly look away. But he wasnt amazing. Why arent you asleep? You snap back, eyes finally adjusting to the light. Do you understand now?Good. Oh your home you greet him with a small hello before chucking on a jacket which hung on the rack. Ten: Originally posted by markhyuks. "y/n, aren't you cold?" you just laugh but not in a mean way ofc. "You're not going out like that.". 10? But before he could get a word out, you were crying him a river.BabyPlease calm down. He cooed, wiping the tears. he kind of forgets that he actually has absolutely no control over the dreamies, and has a horrible realisation when you prove to be, getting you into the car was one of the hardest things mark swears he has ever had to do, literally, johnny had driven him and it took johnny literally lifted you up and placing you in the back seat, mark then watched as you began to slap his arms and ask him how he knew superman, as confused and worried for you he is, he cant help laughing slightly, cause you just look so cute with your big cheeks and wide eyes while you mutter about your boyfriend being friends with superman, mark literally just wants to get you back to yours but has no idea how youre going to act when you get there, wishes you would fall asleep but you dont, and when you get back you spend the time asking mark to bring superman back and almost crying when mark said no, but he refuses to leave you to someone else for a second because youre his baby and hes going to look after you no matter how difficult you are, gives you all the advice he can think of at once, he just really wants to help you as best he can but probably ends up making you feel a bit overwhelmed by accident, makes sure to compliment you massively after you finished, knows that there must have been loads going through your head and is so proud that you did such a good job, keeps saying how he cant believe youre both finally in the industry together, definitely tries to get a chance to collab with you, is nervous cause he knows that youre both going to be busy, but he still puts aside any time he can just to see you and spend time with you, because he cant think of a better way to spend his time, it takes him a while to realise that its your ex that youre talking to, his mind goes into hyper mode and he starts to overthink all the ways he can react while he tries to figure out how he should, if youre just having a pleasant conversation (and he knows it wasnt that bad of a breakup) i think he will be more on the relaxed side, definitely stands closer to you than normal and makes sure to join in the conversation himself, probably tries to make your ex aware of your current relationship with him in a bit more of a polite way, but if its clear that theres still a bit of unsettled business and you look tense to be around your ex, mark will try immediately to end the conversation as soon as possible to get you away from them, hes too polite to tell them outright to fuck off unless theyre down right rude to you but wont introduce himself and instead will make some excuse for you both to leave, says this while nodding in the opposite direction that your ex was in, makes sure to wrap him arm around your shoulders or intertwine your fingers while the two of you are walking away, literally gets to the point where hes running around asking the other members if they know what he did, until hyuck delicately points it out for him, cause he didnt realise that was who it was, tries to explain this to you when he sees you, but hes out of breath from running around and the 73 heart attacks hes had that day so it comes out like, and lets face it, its mark, you know he would never do that on purpose, and he promises to give you and clothing of his you like, and until then he compensates with cuddles, initially it doesnt quite register in his brain, hes sitting at his desk working on music, and you just put a drink down and kissed his forehead, he just hums and doesnt take his eyes off his work, and you walk out again without realising it yourself, you do when you shut the door behind you and suddenly dont know what to think about his reaction, its when he adds those words into his song that it, but youre literally on your way home like all you did was come visit him, like he needs to tell you he loves you too, it doesnt help that youre practically running away from fear that he found it weird, but when he does find you he literally just pulls you in for the biggest kiss ever, his life probably flashes before his eyes, his mouth opens and closes multiple times like a fish out of water, blushes out of embarrassment any time he thinks about it, and he cant stop thinking about it for the next month, meaning his face is pretty much permanently red, wants to act all fine and cool and unaffected, but he stutters and stammers his way through a few syllables in about three languages even tho he only speaks two, then reappears very quickly cause hes just realised he hasnt checked if youre okay, runs up to you and asks if youre alright, if he can do anything, apologises like his life depends on it and asks constantly how he can make it up to you, just needs a lot of reassurance that a) youre okay and b) that you dont now hate him. Then on certain days, he would take his time to help you learn Korean while you help him learn English, so it would be a win-win situation for both of you. Want to request? Hello, my name is Shadow & I love Kpop, especially SKZ, & NCT! Promise me. I-I dont w-wanna do it Oppa/Hyung/Lino You whimpered, letting the tears slide down your cheeks. -I do not judge how people roleplay normally. So he would communicate with you just fine, actually enjoying talking in English. You shook your head, you were freezing but the stares he gave you were to good to pass up on. Watch more Esquire 'Explain This' episodes . ANOTHER surprise was how close Haechan was to you. Maybe its time to train you, huh?, Han Jisung:He tried to scold you, he really did. Like as soon as you opened your door after getting message him and his members were outside waiting. Jeno's Reaction: You're One Year Older ; Haechan. He walks behind you quickly, eyes narrowing and brows shifting while he follows you into the bathroom. -I normally ask a decent amount of questions before roleplaying. svtgot7reactions: "Nct Dream reaction to you wearing their clothes A/n: my heart bust an uwu this is a cute request, day 3 of the posting everyday for a week celebration :)) Mark: can't resist. So you got ready, putting the best clothes you could find and walk down the stairs. Nct reaction to them walking on you changing part 3 -Requests open- Part 1 Part 2 Renjun: I think renjun would be cute about it. HERE SWEETHEART! He said, taking off his big hoodie and putting it on you, smiling when you chuckled at him. he asked if you had a crush on him. Having enough of being alone in a big house, you decided to go out for the night, let loose at least. A/N: This is not proofread so be aware of writing mistakes :) I hope you enjoy!! So when you came outside in them he didnt even care, not noticing how minority of his members were looking at you, thinking you Werner wearing any pants under the over size shirt. Nope. They are the ones being penetrated or whatever. By that, I mean do not message me excessively in a row. He would find it cute and super funny when having Korean lessons with you, doing his typical loud, laugh-clap when youd pronounce something super wrong, especially if you made it sound like a dirty word on accident. after you said yes and asked . . You saw him working on some files with a stressed-out expression. Kun only just got home, taking of his blazer, chucking over the sofas back. What surprised him even more was the fact that you were wearing revealing clothes. "that's just how he is. Well that did raise some questions. Whenever you wore revealing clothes in public Jimin's hands would be all over you when he thought no one else was paying attention. It was all fun times. Welcome to a Submissive/Bottom SEO CHANGBIN and HAN JISUNG of Stray Kids Chatbot! -Meeting A Fan And Its Love At First Sight. Good. "Got7 reaction to s/o wearing a top with great clevage amongst the other members. gets a little jealous of every male that looks at you. . The personality traits I used in this do not reflect on any of the members used. God, you knowYoure SO disappointing! A/N: This is not proofread so be aware of writing mistakes :) I hope you enjoy!! Hed clear his throat, taking off his shirt and forcing it on you. If you ever want to talk out of roleplay, or say something, just put it in parenthesis! Something didnt set right in his stomach watching you go out looking like that, but he couldnt exactly do anything. I just need you to tell me when youre going to the garden or anywhere like that. Do you know its rude to stare, especially at someones girlfriend/boyfriend? This is complete fiction, my imagination. A little too close for his liking, considering the fact that you were basically naked. He started calming himself down, thinking of everything he just told you. Scene: You usually love to cuddle, in fact you're always the one asking to or going in to spoon with them but lately you've just been too lazy/absorbed in watching a marathon of your fave dramas/movies and you aren't interested in cuddling while you're preoccupied. We're going to a party downtown, I should be home around-". But he would still hope to teach you the basics of Korean so you could communicate with his members. DID YOU SLEEP WITH Y/N! he liked the memes you sent so he dmed you. What!? I cant even choose which group have the best performance. Sorry, its just my members dont need to see you in this way. He hesitantly asked you why she looked so much like Tae, confusion building when you started stuttering. I also do not roleplay with people who dont put in any effort. Which you were butttt . No no, listen to me. I need time to think.Next time, hell learn to shut his mouth. As I realise a lot of my followers dont really like reading mature stuff and I understand that so therefore Ill be moving that type of stuff on to my other blog. Yesssss I love kingdom although I dont like mnet (be honest who does?) This is mature, if your minor do not interact. Looking you in the eyes, he made you promise never to scare him like that again. This is mafia AU if that makes you uncomfortable please dont interact. Something didnt set right in his stomach watching you go out looking like that, but he couldnt exactly do anything. +. Just, never do that again. Feel free! I ONLY do bottom/sub Changbin and bottom/sub Jisung. A/n: my heart bust an uwu this is a cute request, day 3 of the posting everyday for a week celebration :)). Annoying but cute, is basically what you thought. Hiiii no its okay! In a similar vein to wearing new clothes, trying them on indicates change may be on the way. Im sorry for yelling baby, Im just really stressed!, Seungmin:You really didnt mean to break it. Thai is my first time actually writing a sort of smit like thing for wayv or NCT in that matter. Like a playoff from your latest mafia wayv?? You don't notice his demeanor, as you're quickly applying blush and walking around the apartment. Probably screams "YOU'RE SO CUTE, SO SMALL MY JAGI" at least 4 times a day and never fails to give you a pinch on the cheek when he sees you everyday. Main blog is: Wykynct, NCT DREAM reaction to when you wear revealing clothes. Chenle just smiled and went back to playing some sort of game on his phone. Y/N! He would wander around the house, searching for you everywhere. His smile was almost exactly like the Japanese boy. Lets see how fast you can do it! I-IEventually, you started crying and ran to your room, locking the door. So he decided to be extra kind to you. Who wouldnt? ? Taeil also stood up with a look of hurt. Anonymous said: can I request nct dream and WayV reaction to you wearing revealing clothes? Hah!. Why arent you asleep? You snap back, eyes finally adjusting to the light. Dont ever pull shit like that again, or there will be consequences. Ill be fine. According to newest products! Now lets go play videogames., Jaemin: He would raise an eyebrow with a lowkey smirk on his face. Go downstairs and sit down at the counter, Ill be down in five.. So when youd talk, he would sorta freeze up and put on his awkward smile, normally responding withyea or just accidentally saying something in Korean. Please forgive me, atleast say something!. Im actually trying to lose some weight. ARE YOU SERIOUS? *:A Chatbot is basically where someone will pretend to be a character/person, or their own OC, and have it so people can chat to them. With a deep breath, you approached the couch and sat down beside him, avoiding eye contact for fear of his reaction. It was a silly thing for you to do, but being near Hongjoong when he was angry made you stressed. "You missed me, huh?" he whispered, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine. Im only doing this because I love you. (L/N) (Y/N). Crazy. He looked closer, but didnt notice any resemblance. This is also mafia au so if that make you uncomfortable do not interact. But there was still resemblance between himself and their daughter too. He immediately went over to you and stood infront of you, blocking the view of you from the others, and he took the drinks from . You worried the fuck out of me! If not thank you xx. You noticed, but decided not to say anything, everyone does it. To be honest I see him pushing you back inside with pink hued cheeks. He always saw resemblance between the two of you. But he just couldnt. Which was basically never. You can be new to it, Im patient! You don't even ask to be invited, but take a seat in his lap wrapping your arms around his neck. jenofun is a whole smiley mess when he sees you show up in his WHOLE tracksuit, he cant handle how hot you look honestly and is really blushy bc you didnt even run it by him you just showed up lookin like a snack, jeno definitely took the chance to show you off and give you a million and a half kisses which made you really flustered, you were almost the same red as the tracksuit you were wearing, which btw was a couple sizes too big so the sweater paws were real, ever since then jeno just gives you whatever item of clothing you ask for from his closet, full sun is flattered that you love his clothes and all but giRL thats his favorite Michael Jackson shirt, lowkey though he wasnt mad about it??? More worried for you than anything. Much love <3, Minho (Lee Know):No! He whipped around, staring at you. He starting feeling worried after he couldnt find you for fifteen minutes straight, so he started pulling everything out. Something about you had him feel different. then can't stop smiling because you're so beautiful and you're his s/o and he's so lucky. Thats what I was trying- I was worried about you, you left so late at night but I didnt chase you and I dont know why. 393 notes Oct 28th, 2018. You easily plunge your legs into the leg holes, pulling up the jeans that slide up your hips and rest at your waist. You put the food on his desk then ran out, sobbing. He took Sichengs coat, not caring about the protests, and put it on you, hoping to cover you up a bit. Reaction - you wearing something revealing - 127. Kun: He would kinda be in shock, just looking around to see if the members were looking, but felt relieved when only Sicheng focused on you, but it was only to greet you. He wouldnt even care if the members stared or looked you up and down. Can I request mafia!wayv getting jealous after a arranged marriage?? Why would you ever cheat on him? I REPEAT, NO ONE STARE AT THIS CHILD! If something was sad, youd cry. . Remember that next time, okay? Hi sorry it took so long!! -Again, bottom/sub (in a sexual manner) means they are the one being dominated on. Got it? Yeah you were wearing little clothing than usual, but its still you? So finding you hiding in the garage just earned a very long stern talk, ontop of an hour long time-out. Thats what I was trying- I was worried about you, you left so late at night but I didnt chase you and I dont know why. oops i was the one who sent a tbz reaction request, I just saw that the request were closed after I've sent it it's alright then pls ignore it if it's closed. It was a total accident, breaking Seungmins camera.You knew you had to tell him, so you practiced what to say in the mirror for around an hour. But thank you for liking it he would just laugh at your cockiness but during the night he would make sure to be standing behind you, just incase the skirt flew up or you had to bend down. I dont know haha! The two of you just laughed, and shrugged it off as the other members just goofing off. <3. Johnny -pool party with friends. Ever try any diet? Anyway, thank you for waiting! And swearing as always. Hey Felix/Oppa/Hyung.Not right now, please leave so I can work in peace.O-oh, but- Felix looked at you, pissed. Ill do it when I get the time Ive got a lot to do lately but I will do it!! Did hyung teach you nothing? He would hug you, and just sit you on his lap as they all took a break.(Y/N), do you want to go for icecream after this? I have to scold you once in a while so you know better, you dont need to be upset because of it!Im sorry, I cant h-help it!I know, baby He exhaled loudly, kissing your tears away.He gave you some chocolate and a blanket, sitting you on the couch so you could relax. Realising you two haven't really spent any time just cuddling and . Jisung ran his hand through your hair in a comforting way.Keep away from my weapons, okay? He'd hate it when you wear such tempting short skirts, exposing your bare legs like that. but even . He would trust his members enough to not eye you up and down. do you want my jacket? He asked again, opening his car door for you. you found it slightly amusing that he was jealous. It made you so overwhelmed. He was letting out all sorts of complaints. Chenle are you okay with that? Haechan joked making the boy finally raise his head and look at you as you poured yourself a drink. Baby I think you should really take my jacket he said again once you two sat with your friends. NCT REACTION what they would do if you flinch away from them. After he found you hiding in the basement, hed then lock you in the basement with only a blanket to lay on instead of straight on the hard, stone floor. Probably wont even notice until one of his members mention it. Nct Dream reaction to you wearing their clothes . Hugged you and didnt let you go until at least a half an hour later. Stop cryingg~ *kiss*, God, your pure soul melts me.. but never pressures you to kiss / hug him or anything, he just lets you do it when you please. He knows you would never do that, and that you loved him. How do you do this to me.. He thought, hugging you and kissing your neck.BabyWhy do you do this to me? THINK. He found you adorable and just bear-hugged you, almost taking you to the ground. Nct dream reaction to their S/o wearing one of their shirts or jumpers. kilos more during pandemic. Dont you think its too short? You and turning around. it just screams to anyone that sees it that youre his, and also he likes it because it also proves it to himself, that someone as amazing as you is actually his s/o, cause he sometimes has trouble believing hes, asks you why you dont wear your own clothes, and asks if you have any, whines and claims he was going to wear that shirt, and so that you dont notice how the sight of you walking past him in his shirt caused him to die in his game, but its not his fault its just you look so amazing in his clothes that its distracting, like jeno he finds any excuse for you to wear his clothes, doesnt wait for you to need something to wear, but the smile on his face when you put it on makes you want to only wear his clothes for as long as you live, every time you put on his shirt when he offers it he cant help but just think that this is all he wants, just to have you with him, wearing his clothes, and loving him as much as he loves you, becomes the human form of the heart eye emoji, carries on talking/doing what he was before, but just with a growing smile on his face, immediately grabs his camera/phone to take a million photos of you, his favourite photo of you is the one that he has saved as home screen, and its you making pancakes in the morning, smiling down at the pan dressed in his shirt, it makes him smile and think of how lucky he is to have you every time he opens his phone, like renjun he makes a note of which shirts you like to wear the most, and leaves them for you when he goes away on tour, or offers you them when youre having a bad day or need one to wear, subconsciously buys hoodies and shirts that are a similar shape/style so that he knows youll wear it, has a folder titled <3 in his phone of you wearing his shirts and clothing in general, goes through it any time he misses you and it always puts him in a better mood, but nothing brightens his mood like facetiming you and seeing you in his clothes, he swears in that moment he falls in love with you all over again, and then would not be able to stop himself from smiling, his eyes follow you literally everywhere you go, hes would find his so distracting cause youre practically announcing to the world that youre his, even though the only ones who sees this are him and daegal.